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Midnight is finally listening!!
— Martiza Chitnis

Notes from the trainer:

Creating the concept of Dog Dandy was based on the needs of my clients and the types of questions they asked during our training sessions. I'm happy that they felt comfortable enough to allow me into their homes and curious to know more about positive reinforcement training techniques.

When people care enough to take the time, ask the questions and find out why a behavior occurs that's when they're open to learning more. It makes teaching the techniques easier and definitely more fun.


Positive reinforcement is one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog’s behavior
Many american dogs are eating organic food, going to canine chiropractors and doggy day-care centers and chewing on millions of dollars a year in toys. Now that's a successful species!

When they see training results I remind them that "This is all you - you are communicating what you find acceptable.Your puppy understands this and wants to please you!" 

Its a Dog Dandy dream come true for me!




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