The RAW experience

My dogs are in love with their food!! They have been on the raw diet for two weeks now and are simply thriving. They don't "smell" like dogs and my little girl Lola is definitely not spending as much time on the couch. I've learned to prepare new foods and try new things. Quinoa is pretty good in a salad. Goat cheese and fresh raw goats milk....unbelievably good. Oh yes, this IS for my pups but I can I eat it too!

An important thing to remember is to rotate favorable proteins. I've ventured to various organic stores, Costco, Safeway's and even a local Mexican grocery store. Finding organ meats can be a challenge - especially when you go searching for a beef heart. Luckily my intuition was correct and I was able to special order two beef hearts from Mi Pueblo. On my way out I picked up some fresh goat meat for my pups dinner. Wow did they ever like that!!

I've also included fresh ground egg shells to their meals. Did you know that 1/2 teaspoon of egg shells has 1,000 mg of calcium? I didn't either - not until about 3 weeks ago. Along with a fresh egg I add a multivitamin mixture from Dr. Harvey's. It includes bee pollen and spirulina. 

Yesterday afternoon I officially enrolled for classes at The American Council of Animal Naturopathy and will earn a certificate as a Animal Health Coach. My dream is to help people to understand the importance of good nutrition for their dogs (and cats too!).  

Stay tuned for more posts as I learn more about the holistic approach to animal health!!