Dog Dandy welcomes your furry companion to “a day at the spa…” Book an appointment at Dog Dandy and leave the work to us! I am a professional dog groomer, certified in CPR/First Aid and dog training and have extensive knowledge and experience in canine nutrition. I’m dedicated to continued education, finding the best products and methods to maintain the overall health and wellness of your dog and I make sure to pass that information on to you!

All sessions are by appointment only. Prices may vary by breed, behavior and coat condition. Currently, the weight limit is 30 lbs., age limit is 4 months to 10 years. Some breed specific styles are available. But for the everyday wash and wear dog, we can provide a clean, easy to manage style you’ll appreciate.

Bath, Brush & Blow Dandy - This is the most basic Dandy service – designed for dogs that are on the go and want to stay that way! Included in this service are a thorough brushing, the air-infused bath using only natural shampoos and conditioners and a salon fluff dry. $35 to $55

Face, Feet & Tail Dandy - This is the perfect option if you want your dog washed and pampered but his body coat is not quite long enough to need the “full on Dandy.”  We’ll still pamper him like crazy but we’ll concentrate on trimming the feet and pads, the sanitary area to keep it free of debris and the hair around the eyes; let’s open up those puppy eyes so he can see!

Included in this service is a thorough brush out, an air-infused bath using only natural shampoos and conditioners, a salon fluff dry, nails/pads clipped and cleaned, sanitary trim and a trim to open up your pups eyes. $55 to $75

Full Service Dandy - Has your dog’s hair grown completely out of control? Have you forgotten what color his eyes are? Maybe you noticed him carrying mud in on his feet and then realized that his footprint looks like mop marks. Don’t let him waste another day sweltering under all that fur and dirt in the heat! 

The Full Service Dandy was made for the dog that needs it all or deserves the best. Included in this service is a thorough brush out, an air-infused bath using only natural shampoos and conditioners, a salon fluff dry, nail trimming, pads clipped, ear cleaning, ear plucking (if needed) and a complete full body trim and sanitary area clipped. Afterward, your dog will be feeling Dog Dandy – polished, refreshed and relaxed. $65 to $80

Short Haired Dandy - Maybe you have a short haired breed that you think doesn’t require a good grooming job regularly? Short haired dogs can shed a lot of fur and equally as much dander. If not properly groomed your dogs hair will appear ashy, or dull and his skin may be irritated, itchy and oily. Maybe you are not aware that dander can cause excessive itching, they may lick excessively and smell like….well like a dog! But did you know that dander can also cause YOU to suffer from allergies? That’s right, if you’re on an allergy medication, dander may be the reason for that season! Stop focusing on the symptoms and remove the cause – dog dander!!

At Dog Dandy we’re dedicated to maintaining the healthiest and happiest dogs around. Pet dander is a real problem that most people don’t even think about it when “allergy season” rears its ugly head. Imagine not having the option to change your clothes every day? Your skin would become itchy, irritated, oily and uncomfortable, right? Well, essentially that’s what your short haired dog is living with. I can help significantly reduce dander and fly-away hair with just one visit. By the second and third visits, you too may notice fewer allergy related symptoms! Because this service is so beneficial to the owner and the dog, we’ll even show you how to maintain your dog’s healthy skin and coat between visits!

For optimal results we suggest that the Short Haired Dandy be scheduled over three visits. This service is considered a dander control “program” so the first visit may take a bit longer. We take extra care to ensure your dog is treated with respect and never rushed (natural beauty takes time!!) After the first visit the results are noticeably less shedding, a softer, silky coat and cleaner skin. After each session (and included in this program) is the air-infused bath, salon drying service and an essential oil-infused skin conditioner and soother $45 to $65

Additional services:

Add any of the below services to your groom and make sure your pup gets everything he needs to look and feel his best!

De-shedding service - add this service to your Dandy to get rid of excess shedding. We'll take the time necessary to make sure you notice the difference!           $20 per half hour

De-matting service - add this service to eliminate the mats and get your puppy looking Dog Dandy! Natural beauty takes time and we've got the patience and the skill $20 per half hour

Nails $14 + tax  Sanitary area trim $15 Ear plucking $10 Face $20 Body Styling $30


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