Specialized Training

Private Obedience / Behavior Modification Training

Give our trainer the opportunity to see first hand the problem behaviors where they happen! Training programs are designed to help establish boundaries and leadership in your home. Your puppy will learn his place and become a member of the family with confidence.


Maybe you've had a puppy before but need some new techniques? We're here to help!

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Professional Boarding

Weekend staycations / stay & play

Board your pup at Dog Dandy and give him a "staycation" he'll enjoy! Plenty of exercise, sunshine and the opportunity to socialize with a dog trainers pack.

Staycations let the trainer get a more in depth look at those problem behaviors and help him work through them using desensitization techniques and response substitution.      


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Dog Grooming

         Dog Dandy Grooming

Now open! Check out Dog Dandy Grooming page for pricing. All sessions are by appointment only



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